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Security Industry

Wire Security Cages

Wire mesh cages and partitions are flexible and affordable security and storage solutions for a broad range of industrial, commercial, and warehouse applications. When safety and security matter, Apex Iron Works’ custom and modular wire mesh security cages help you protect inventory, reduce theft, restrict access in authorized areas, and enhance safety. Our wire mesh security cages are cost-effective solutions for tool cribs, industrial equipment enclosures, warehouse machinery storage areas and facilities, stockrooms, data storage centers, and almost any of your security area and storage enclosure needs.

Our custom wire mesh cage solutions are made from pre-engineered wire mesh partitions that are extremely strong and durable. The modular wire partition system offers the flexibility to design custom layouts and configurations of any shape or height needed. Not only are our custom wire mesh cages stronger and harder to gain access to than traditional fencing and dividers, they allow for full visibility, free circulation of air, light, and heat, and access to fire-suppression systems throughout a highly secure area. They are a smart and secure open‑layout alternative to lock rooms and unventilated storage areas. Also, our wire mesh security cages and partitions offer low initial costs, ease of set up, easily reconfigured and relocated, and are virtually maintenance-free.


Apex Iron Works delivers security solutions using our wire mesh cages and partitions to meet the storage, safety, and security needs in a wide array of applications, including warehouses, industrial facilities, retail, data centers, law enforcement agencies, manufacturing, and more. Our modular wire mesh panels can be used to quickly configure and reconfigure high-security areas and storage enclosures that fit in nearly any space within an existing building. Simply stack the modular wire mesh panels between heavy-duty tubular posts to create the storage enclosures or secure areas. Because our panels are modular, they offer the flexibility to create virtually any layout and easily and quickly reconfigure the panels and partitions as your needs change.

Our wire mesh security cages are perfect for numerous industrial, facility, and warehouse security applications, including removing weak access and vulnerable security points, constructing in-plant storage areas, creating access cages to help monitor and control access to authorized or limited-access areas, store high-value assets, and much more. The following are just some of the security applications that our wire mesh partition and security cage system is used for:

  • Tool cribs
  • Security cages
  • Server and datacenter cages
  • Secured storage areas
  • Restricted or authorized areas
  • Equipment cages
  • Stockrooms
  • Machinery storage areas
  • Dock door security cages
  • DEA-approved enclosures
  • Holding cells
  • HVAC security cages
  • Mobile enclosures or cages
  • Room dividers and partitions
  • Employee or tenant storage areas


Apex Iron Works delivers wire mesh panels and security cages that offers the following benefits and advantages for all your security needs and applications:

  • Increase security and reduce theft and pilferage of high-value items
  • Save time and money with low initial costs, ease of layout modification, and cost savings due to low maintenance and repair requirements.
  • Design flexibility to create temporary or permanent custom wire mesh cages and enclosures that accomplish virtually any layout and can easily and quickly rearranged and relocated.
  • Increased safety with strong and durable wire mesh panels that offer increased protection over standard fencing and dividers.
  • Easily monitor your security or storage enclosures with open layout enclosures that allow for complete transparency and full visibility so you can keep an eye on your inventory at all times.
  • Affordable and practical solution to meet storage and security expansion and modification needs as your business grows or needs change.
  • Create wire mesh security cages and enclosures that are fully compliant with DEA, OSH, and other government safety and security requirements.


We offer a variety of pre-engineered wire mesh panel types that allow you to design and build structurally strong security cages and storage enclosures, including woven wire, welded wire, lock crimp mesh, expanded metal, and perforated metal. These panels come in standard sizes in a variety of materials ranging from steel alloys (such as galvanized and stainless steel) and aluminum. Also, all of our wire mesh security cages and partitions are fully compliant with a number of government and security standards, including OSHA and DEA.

Apex Iron Works can also custom design and deliver panels for your unique security requirements, including weave type, mesh or hole size, gauge size, extension or ceiling panels, door type, and more. For example, we can manufacture custom wire mesh cages that are compliant with your maximum height and length requirements.


As a family-owned company, Apex Iron Works has over 20 years of experience fabricating DEA-approved medical security cages for storage applications in the medical industry. We proudly make all our products in the USA and our pride is in our work. Let us design, fabricate, and install your wire mesh security cages using our heavy-duty wire mesh panels or replace or retrofit an existing one with our rail infill panels.

Our structurally strong wire mesh panels for a wide variety of security applications offer low initial cost and virtually no maintenance. Because everything is made in the USA, we offer extremely quick lead times.

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