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Medical & Hospital

Medical Cages & Partitions

The medical industry faces unique challenges for safely handling and securely storing high-value pharmaceuticals and medical supplies. They must optimize secure storage footprints that meet stringent requirements for both access and inventory control.

Federal regulations for the storage of pharmaceuticals, drugs, and other controlled substances mandate strict standards for physical storage. These storage areas must be compliant with all US Drug Enforcement Administration’s requirements for physical security of Schedule III, IV, V of controlled substances as outlined in Title 21 CFR Sections 1301.72-1301.76. In this case, medical security cages play an important role in creating secure enclosures to restrict access and safely store medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, drugs, and other controlled substances.


When safety and security matter, let Apex Iron Works fabricate custom wire partitions and panels to help you create ultra-secure enclosures to protect high-value inventory, reduce theft, restrict access, and increase safety. Our heavy-duty wire mesh panels are fully compliant with all regulations for the secure physical storage of Class III, IV, and V controlled substances. These DEA-compliant wire mesh panels are used for secure storage applications in medical facilities, pharmaceutical companies, laboratories, pharmacies, drug warehouses, and distribution centers.

We can custom manufacture wire mesh wall and ceiling panels to your exact requirements and work from your shop drawings and specifications to meet your secure physical storage needs. Our industrial-strength wire mesh panels are a perfect solution for designing and installing hospital security cages of all shapes and sizes. Our modular panels can be used to quickly configure and reconfigure highly secured physical storage areas that fit in nearly any space within an existing building. Also, our open but secure layout design allows for high visibility, unrestricted circulation of air, light, and heat, HVAC, and fire-suppression systems throughout any secured area.

Our custom rail infill panels are a perfect solution for retrofitting a medical facility for the purpose of storing controlled substances, pharmaceuticals, and medical supplies. We can either fabricate rail infill panels that fit into any existing rails or create complete rails with the panels pre-installed to meet DEA, OSHA, and other government safety and security requirements.

Our wired mesh panels and partitions easily satisfy DEA requirements:

  • Our standard 10-gauge steel woven wire mesh (1” x 1/2” diamond mesh) exceeds the specification. We offer various mesh options for higher internal security requirements, including spacing as small as 3/4 inch.
  • We custom manufacture panels that are compliant with the maximum height and length requirements (partition panels no more than 10 feet apart) and include horizontal reinforcement every 60 inches.
  • Our flexible panels can be used for wall and ceiling panels and are strong enough so they can be stacked between posts to reach the ceiling of most buildings
  • We ensure totally secure enclosures with no gaps between the partition panels and building structure


As a family-owned company, Apex Iron Works has over 20 years of experience fabricating DEA-approved medical security cages for storage applications in the medical industry. We proudly make all our products in the USA and our pride is in our work. Let us design, fabricate, and install your medical security cages using our heavy-duty wire mesh partitions or replace or retrofit an existing one with our rail infill panels.

Our wire mesh partition panels and high-security solutions will:

  • Save you money and time
  • Increase security and reduce theft and pilferage of high-value items
  • Offer the flexibility to configure, reconfigure, or expand security enclosures as your storage needs change
  • Provide full visibility and transparency so you can keep an eye on inventory at all times
  • Protect valuable inventory behind heavy-duty wire mesh
  • Ensure full compliance with DEA and other government regulations for safety and security

Our structurally strong wire mesh panels for medical security cages offer low initial cost and virtually no maintenance. Because everything is made in the USA, we offer extremely quick lead times.

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